The Gardener Who Could See


The City of Via is hidden deep underground and everyone who lives there is blind, except for a young man named Thurii—he can see—but this is not an advantage. In this society, Thurii is the one with the disability. He is a misfit, rejected and scorned, and his sight often gets him into trouble with the law.

Corinth is the daughter of the Lord Spiritual, the traditional leaders of the City of Via. Like Thurii, she too struggles to escape the path laid out for her. She meets Thurii, but unfortunately Thurii’s family are in the higher echelons of the Body Politic. The two factions are in a bitter power struggle for control of the city. Thurii and Corinth become embroiled in an evil conspiracy which threatens not only their lives, but the city itself.

Underlying everything is the riddle of Thurii’s sight. Corinth soon realises that she has to solve the enigma of Thurii’s mysterious affliction. To free him. To free her father from the death grip of Cardinal Myresjo. To end the war in the city. But the cost of finding the answer may be more than she is willing to pay. And it becomes painfully clear that whichever path she chooses, she will carry the cost to her grave.


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2 thoughts on “The Gardener Who Could See

  1. Yeah, me too and others who have read the novel say the same. Unfortunately those who haven’t read the novel find the title offputting and I’ve had more interest since I changed the title a few months back.:)


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