The Gardener Who Could See


The City of Via is a city buried deep underground where a whole society of blind people move around and function with ease. One young man, Thurii, is not blind—he can see—but this is not an advantage. In this society, Thurii is the one with the disability. He is a misfit, rejected by everyone, and his sight causes him to constantly fall foul of the law. Above all he wants love, but no woman will have him.

Until he meets Corinth.

The strong and resourceful Corinth is from the most elite family in the city, and she too struggles to escape the path laid out for her. Thurii is like a breath of fresh air. They begin an illicit relationship which can only end in trouble for both of them.

Yet the city itself is also troubled. Rebellion is in the air and old enemies will soon do battle again, and Thurii and Corinth are at the heart of it. They become embroiled in an evil conspiracy which threatens not only their lives, but the city itself.

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2 thoughts on “The Gardener Who Could See

  1. Yeah, me too and others who have read the novel say the same. Unfortunately those who haven’t read the novel find the title offputting and I’ve had more interest since I changed the title a few months back.:)


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