2043 A.D.


Here is my 5 star Amazon review of Edward Wolfe’s just published dystopian novel, 2043 A.D.

A real page-turner.

Once again Edward Wolfe delivers a real page-turner of a novel that had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end wondering what was going to happen next. The central characters, Deron, Charlie, Kathleen and Michelle are beautifully described and I was immediately absorbed in their lives and hoping that things would turn out well for them. We are not meant to like the two main villains, Drake Austin and Dr. Fielding, and we don’t, and they have been skilfully drawn so that each is evil but in a completely different way. Dr. Fielding encapsulates the dystopian nature of the Orange County society of 2043, while Drake Austin displays its evilness at a micro level. Drake Austin is meant to be chilling and he is.

Some people might get the idea from the book description that the story focuses on the wider picture of this dystopia, but in fact the story is told very much through the four main characters – how this society affects them personally and how they finally react to it. The author does a brilliant job of balancing the emphasis between the four main characters and the supporting cast, so that the other characters don’t overpower Deron and his circle, but nevertheless their stories are interesting in themselves. There are some lovely side vignettes such as the police crews and their operations.

As a huge fan of Edward Wolfe’s apocalyptic novel, In the End, I found plenty to like in 2043 A.D. and I think that other In the End fans will also very much enjoy Edward Wolfe’s latest novel.

Highly recommended.

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