Brew (Salem’s Revenge Book 1) by David Estes


This is my five star review on Amazon:

I love apocalypse stuff, especially when it’s done well as it is in Brew. I like authors who get straight into the story with action and dialogue, introducing the characters and the setting with an economy of words. If a scene takes place on school football field, as it does in the beginning of Brew, then we don’t need long and detailed descriptions of the setting because we’ve probably all been there, or seen it on TV or whatever. A good author lets the reader’s mind do some of the work. Reading is a two-way process. Of course, this only works in the right hands, with an author who has the ability to choose exactly the right words. Happily, in Brew, David Estes displays these skills in abundance.

The action scenes are some of the best I’ve seen and I was totally lost in them.

The really good news, is that Brew has a great ending. Despite being part of a series, David Estes has nicely avoided the cliff-hanger ending. Other series writers take note. This is how you end a book in a series, so that it has a satisfying ending, but leaves you wanting more. This is how you place a story on a wider canvas, so that the story is complete in itself, but the reader knows that there is plenty more to tell. And so this reader is off to buy Boil, the next book in the series.

BTW I paid A$3.45 (full price) for this book which is huge value for money when you consider offerings at a similar price. If the author ever gets picked up by a big name publisher (even supposing that he was interested) you can expect to be paying a lot more for books by David Estes.