In the End: a pre-apocalypse novel by Edward M Wolfe


My five star review on Amazon:

Very enjoyable read. Well written, nicely paced, all the good things other reviewers have said. I really liked the way that the characters emerged through what they did and said rather than through physical descriptions. Similarly, the resort setting was lightly sketched and this enabled Wolfe to get straight into the story and so sparked my interest straightaway.

Some have said that too much was left hanging, however, the author billed this as a pre-apocalypse novel – it’s about the beginning of the apocalypse, not the whole story of the apocalypse. For me the novel had a proper ending, it felt completed in itself and I didn’t get the feeling that the author simply stopped and left things hanging and you have to read the next book to find out what happened. I might be old-fashioned but I still believe a novel, even if it’s part of a series, should be a complete story in itself. One thing is certain, Edward Wolfe is a natural storyteller and his writing is head and shoulders above many other offerings these days.