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Announcing the publication of Princess. Goes like this:

Princess Bethany, an alien princess, arrives on Earth to rescue her father from exile. She meets a teenager named Charlotte, who doesn’t know that her own death is a vital part of Princess Bethany’s plans to free her father. While visiting Earth, Princess Bethany enjoys lunch and a lovely sunset. The consequences of this, for Earth’s inhabitants, are catastrophic.

Princess is from the short fiction sci-fi series Girls with Attitude which can be read in any order. Each story has different characters and storyline from others in the series, but all with a common theme — Girls with Attitude.

Other titles in the series include:

Writing Home

Would You Die For Me?

Amalfi Echo


Chrysalis Young – coming soon


Welcome to johnzwriting

Welcome to my new blog. Here, I’m showcasing my published fiction, and making announcements about release dates and so on. Mostly I write sci-fi and apocalyptic stuff and currently I am publishing a short fiction series called Girls with Attitude which includes: Amalfi Echo, Writing Home, Would You Die For Me?, Princess, and Chrysalis YoungPrincess will be published in a couple of days and Chrysalis Young, early in January 2015. The Gardener Who Could See is a sci-fi novel, set in an underground city, a thousand years into a post-apocalypse future.

But there’s going to be a lot more as well.  The theme for this blog  is anything  to do with  apocalypse topics:   end of the world, meteor strikes, the virus, alien invasions,  climate change and the list goes on.

You can also find me on G+ where I post (well, mostly repost) humour and awesome landscape photography I come across.  Find me also on Twitter: @johnzwriting