About John Zanetti


I like post-apocalyptic stories and movies, aliens, zombies, disaster stuff, and those incredibly huge iridescent green beetles that fill my outdoor kitchen at night.

Mostly I inhabit the worlds in my head and reality only exists for me in spoonfuls. I have to admit that I never did get the hang of reality and was never very good at it.

Favourite music includes Nirvana, Cranberries, Laura Branigan, a bit of the Stranglers, Crowded House, improvised music, and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

I like the poets James K Baxter and Michael Dransfield, and as they say, true art desolates. Fortunately that’s not an issue for me because I write to entertain, and I leave exploration of the human condition for others better equipped to convey it.

I live in tropical Far North Queensland, Australia.


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