Cantal’s Revenge – free

Cantal Cover

Cantal’s Revenge is currently free on Amazon:

In the distant future, a young woman called Cantalina Frieze is abducted by vicious thugs who work for the renegade, Emanus Criker. She is rescued by a Norse woman, Miss Abigail, who is handy with a flechette rifle and a clutch of virus bombs. War is coming, and Cantalina is caught up in Miss Abigail’s mysterious plans for the people of PetersCountry.

Yet Cantalina doesn’t want to be a soldier. She had always wanted to be a professional historian like her father and no one had any doubt that she would achieve all this and more. The assault on her by Criker’s men changed everything. With her life spinning out of control she seeks refuge with the dangerous and enigmatic Miss Abigail, and finds that she is forced upon a path she would never have chosen, to a life she doesn’t want.

Emanus Criker robbed her of innocence, leaving her feeling worthless. He destroyed the future she might have had, but as Miss Abigail was fond of saying, “Revenge is a great healer.”


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