Cantal’s Revenge

Cantal Cover

Announcing the publication of my latest novel, Cantal’s Revenge. This full length novel (316 pages) is available at Amazon for US$2.99

In the distant future, a young woman called Cantalina Frieze is abducted by vicious thugs who work for the renegade, Emanus Criker. She is rescued by a Norse woman, Miss Abigail, who is handy with a flechette rifle and a clutch of virus bombs. War is coming, and Cantalina is caught up in Miss Abigail’s mysterious plans for the people of PetersCountry.

2 thoughts on “Cantal’s Revenge

  1. Excellent book, John! You have an incredible imagination. I’m inspired to finish my half-written sci-fi novel and see if I can make the time and place and culture so real the way you do. Well done!!


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