Chrysalis Young

CY copy

Announcing the publication of Chrysalis Young. Goes like this:

Amanda, wannabe rock star, meets Chrysalis Young, an alien cocoon girl who desperately wants to hatch, and mayhem follows. The body count rises as Chrysalis and Amanda fight alien dragons, and zombies who are not the undead, but something else.

Chrysalis Young is from the short fiction sci-fi series Girls with Attitude which can be read in any order. Each story has different characters and storyline from others in the series, but all with a common theme — Girls with Attitude.

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2 thoughts on “Chrysalis Young

  1. John, I’ve been enjoying the series since Writing Home (my favorite was Amalfi Echo) and I’m just wondering, will there be a finale to it all?


  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series, Edward. Although the stories can be read in any order, if I had a recommendation, it would be to read Chrysalis Young last. To say why would be a spoiler.


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