Girls with Attitude

GWA Cover May 2016 low res


Five stories about alien invasions and abductions, dragons and zombies, apocalypse, and the end of the world. All five stories are also available as individual titles.

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Story Descriptions:


Princess Bethany, an alien princess, arrives on Earth to rescue her father from exile. She meets a teenager, Charlotte, who doesn’t know that her own death is a vital part of Princess Bethany’s plans to free her father. While visiting Earth, Princess Bethany enjoys lunch and a lovely sunset. The consequences of this, for Earth’s inhabitants, are catastrophic.

Amalfi Echo

A teenager, Tessa, and a woman, Marion, are rescued from death at the hands of jihadists by Digby, a mysterious visitor from space. Digby reveals that the people of Earth face annihilation from an invading alien species and that both Tessa and Marion are not entirely human. Tessa and Marion set out to warn the world about the impending catastrophe but find that it is not as easy as it seems.

Writing Home

Five years ago, thirteen-year-old Chrissie Edwards stormed out of her parents’ house and vanished into the dark night, never to be seen again.

This is the story of what happened to Chrissie as told through the eyes of her family. A tale of alien abduction and a war older than humanity.

Would You Die For Me?

Would you die on a distant galactic battlefield for me? Lauren and her friends meet seventeen-year-old Katrin on a high school seniors’ trip to The Monument in the desert. Neither Katrin, nor The Monument, are what they seem.

Chrysalis Young

Amanda, wannabe rock star, meets Chrysalis Young, an alien cocoon girl who desperately wants to hatch, and mayhem follows. The body count rises as Chrysalis and Amanda fight alien dragons, and zombies who are not the undead, but something else.





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